The CHS Library Reopens

Returning to school in early August, CHS Librarian, Jeri Schneider, was told the CHS library had to be moved into just half of Bodley Hall.

Schneider was relieved. At the end of the 21-22 school year, Schneider had been told the library would have to move locations; she had feared the worst, imagining that the library would have to be stuffed into the small piece of space where she kept her desk and the books for processing.

Now, three months into the school year, the CHS library has finally returned to room 209 — its original location. Schneider, along with some staff and students, began to move back on Nov. 4.

“I was told that [in] October, I would be back in here,” Scheider said. “I was hearing everything from October, November, December, January.”

Due to some uncertainties in construction — like changes in planning, miscommunication or poor planning — time estimates typically have a long range. In October, Schneider wanted an approximation of how much longer until the library could return to room 209.

“I went and asked: any idea when the library might be back?,” Schneider said. “‘Oh, yeah, you’ll be back in there and two weeks.’”

Schneider has begun to customize the library with new blinds and plants displayed on the windows. She hopes to arrange the books by genre and author, with a section for new books on display.

With the major parts of construction done, Schneider eagerly awaits the next phase of changes, which passed with the 2019 Bond — a project unanimously voted by the Board of Education for which promises to improve AAPS facilities. For CHS, that included the on-going construction, but also new carpeting and shelves for the library. While the future changes have no solid date, Schneider is ready for the changes, even with the recent months of moving in and out.

“It’s been a long wild ride,” Schneider said. “I’m glad to be back in here.”