Humans of Jones: Roger Brown

“To me everything seemed, this is what’s life. This is what life is all about? You know what I’m saying? Of course, you know, they had the pig slaughterhouse right down the street from our house next to the junkyard, coal yard — there were four railroad tracks right down there. Now it’s just one but there were four; And so if we wanted to go swimming in the dam or fishing, sometimes we’d have to climb through two or three trains to get there. Now it’s just one track, and they got a tunnel. And I’m like, Why could we have a tunnel? You know? And so it was not a clean environment. But you made it what you made you know. My wife and I were driving one day out in the country and I said there’s pigs around here. How do you know? I said, you never forget that smell. Sure enough, it was a pig. And so but for the most part, when you’re born and raised in the area, to you, this is how life is supposed to be. So you just tried to fit in, do what you do.”