Spork Game Day One Recap

The annual CHS Senior Spork Game started yesterday on Feb. 13, 2023. The game’s premise is to catch people without their spork. In order to get somebody out (“spork them”), one must touch an empty-handed player with their own spork. This year’s Spork Game has over 100 participants and a cash prize of $1,030 that will be split by one or multiple winners depending on the final outcome of the game.

Students were able to purchase their sporks last week for $10 and many have already begun decorating them. As students finalized their last details this morning, emotions were running high prior to the game’s start.

“I’m feeling really stressed out,” said Maiwen Claunch, CHS senior. “I didn’t realize how intense it was gonna be. I’ve already had people sporking me and I mean, I haven’t gotten out because I’ve been holding it, but it’s nerve racking.”

Some seniors, such as Patrick Lafferty, are confident in winning the cash prize and believe they can overcome any spork related obstacles.

“I’m winning,” Lafferty said. “I’ll fight through the adversity. I’m not giving up. I just have to not drop it because I drop things a lot like my pencils and I’ve dropped this a lot already.”

With five seniors eliminated on the first day, participants look to keep their hopes and dreams alive in the coming weeks. Some students think the game comes with its challenges, others such as senior Carl Gombert, think otherwise.

“I think it’s easy,” Gombert said. “I don’t know how I will stop holding on to this. The only way someone will catch me lacking is if they find me outside of school, but in school, I’m not letting go of this.”