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Memories About Food: Mia Rubenstein


“Every Friday night, my family and I have what’s called Shabbat dinner, which is a Jewish holiday or meal that symbolizes the end of the week and the beginning of a new one. Every Friday night we have a meal with the whole family and we sit down at the table. It gives us a chance to talk with each other and get to talk about our week. And we have salmon and traditional Jewish bread called Challah and juice and say blessings. And it’s something that I’ve been doing since I was born, so it’s something that’s very traditional. That’s what comes to mind. It means a lot because I get to connect with my family and connect with my Jewish identity more. I guess I relate more to that. I really hope to continue it when I’m older, like if I had children and stuff with them because it’s something that I think is important.”

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Luca Hinesman
Luca Hinesman, Journalist
Luca Hinesman is currently a Sophomore at Community High School and a believer in buying expensive coffees. When not in CET rehearsals or mock trial practices, you can find them reading books about revenge, catching up on homework, or hanging out with friends. Luca is currently in their first semester with The Communicator and is excited to contribute their ideas this year!
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Marisa Andoni-Savas, Staff Manager/Journalist
Marisa is a Senior at CHS entering her second year on staff and her first year as Staff Manager. She is excited to be back in room 300 witnessing all the magic that will happen this year! Outside of school she loves spending time with her friends, lifeguarding, and going to rehearsals!

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