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Let the Spork Game Begin

Spork sales are final, as the games are set to begin. Participating seniors have been seen bedazzling their sporks and practicing keeping a spork in hand.
Reagan Masek

Recently spotted in a giant, life-sized spork costume was Jonah Klein, the architect of this year’s senior Spork Game — a longtime senior-only tradition. Every year, at the beginning of second semester, participating CHS seniors contribute $10 to the shared prize-pot and receive a spork. 

On Monday Feb. 5, the much anticipated Spork Game will commence. 

The rules are simple. 

Daniel Ging

If a student is not holding their own spork, they risk being “sporked” (touched by another student’s spork) and therefore eliminated from the game. Exceptions to these rules include “spork free classrooms,” places of work, sporting events or practices and more. To win the game and be awarded the prize money, a senior must remain in the game with their spork until the night of graduation. 

For a full overview of the rules and other information, visit @sporkgame2024 on Instagram or direct questions to Jonah Klein or Sadie Barber, the game admins.  

Throughout this past week, seniors have lined the third floor hallway, waiting to purchase their precious spork. Today, Friday Feb. 1 during lunch was the final opportunity to purchase a spork and fill out the sporking alliance form before it is too late.

In past years, questions have been raised concerning the clarity of certain rules as well as integrity around eliminations. And, Klein may be the perfect person to prevent many of these mishaps. 

I’m planning on making it seem a little more official than last year. I want to streamline it and make sure everyone knows what is going on at all times. Last year there were some issues. People didn’t understand the rules or people didn’t know who was running it. I’ve spent a lot of time doing the behind the scenes of it, creating the spreadsheets, the documents and collecting all of the payments. I’m a really big fan of event organizing and I do believe I can carry things out from beginning to end.

— Jonah Klein

In order to remedy any confusion, Klein plans to maintain the Instagram along with Barber who also played a large role in organizing the Spork Game social media. This admin team’s dedication does not end there. Before settling on the perfect spork brand to sell, Klein ran several tests.

“One big issue that happened last year was that they bought compostable sporks, which were very fragile,” Klein said. “I’d say about 25% of people who got out, got out from their spork breaking. This year, I ordered sporks from four different companies and tested them all out before deciding on the one that we are using.” 

Klein put the sporks through break tests and even drew on them with a sharpie to determine which material held ink the best. After all, spork decorating and personalization is an essential step in preparing for the game. 

Decorate your sporks, form your alliances and let the spork games begin. 

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Sana Schaden, Web Editor-in-Chief
Sana Schaden is a senior at CHS. This is her 6th semester on staff, and first semester as Web Editor in Chief. When she is not in room 300 writing and editing articles, Sana spends her time on the tennis courts, filling her sketchbooks with artwork, listening to Spotify, studying at a coffee shop, or spending time with friends and family. As a Peer Educator for Planned Parenthood, Sana also strives to find the intersection between her activism work and her journalism.  

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