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Pizza Pazza Review


Pizza Pazza is a newly opened pizza place in Kerrytown, Currently offering over six types of pizza and four different salads, along with a variety of basic soft drinks.

Jeff Candit, owner of Pizza Pazza, is dedicated to providing for the customers.

“The goal is to give you the best products on the pizza,” Candit said. “Making the dough from scratch, making the sauce from premium tomatoes, using the best cheeses and the best pepperoni and prosciutto.”

To make the best dough, Pizza Pazza purchases their flour from King Arthur Flour, mixing the higher concentrated gluten flour with medium gluten, combining them with sea salts and filtered water to consistently produce dough with an incredible texture, while additionally getting the best quality cheese from Grande Cheese Company, sourced in Wisconsin. Much alike, Pizza Pazza will derive their tomatoes from out of state, this time in California. The Stanislaus Tomatoes are dedicated to producing premium tomato products – mixed with extra virgin olive oil from Italy – producing the best sauce on top of pizzas. Throughout the making process, no additives are added, preserving the natural flavor of the pizza.

After an exquisite process of preparation, the delectable food that Pizza Pazza provides is palatable, to say the least.

The Pepperoni Pizza: 9/10
Pizza Pazza has a trick with the combination of salami and paprika flavors, creating a masterpiece. The crust is crunchy, yet almost tender and pairs well with the delicious pepperoni. The cheesy base on the pepperoni pizza makes it extremely creamy, following the spices, blending in nicely and adding a surprise you usually would not expect out of a local Ann Arbor pizzeria. All of these contrasting flavors combined creates an astonishing balance of savor and spice – on the mild side, only Pizza Pazza could offer.

The Margherita Pizza: 8.5/10
As for the Margherita pizza, it is perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Topped with delicious mozzarella cheese and fragrant basil leaves, it makes every bite feel like a tomato volcano bursting in your mouth. The flavor of the cheese blends perfectly with the tangy tomato sauce, while the fragrant basil on top provides a superb dining experience.

The Sausage and Pepper Pizza: 9/10
The final pizza we are reviewing from PizzaPazza will leave you with a supreme tasting experience. The Sausage and Pepper Pizza. With a crispy crust sure to leave fulfilling memories, and the saltiness of the sausage, blending perfectly with the flavor of the bell peppers on top. The cheese in the Sausage and Pepper Pizza makes every bite extra chewy and flavorful, with the addition of bell pepper and salty sausages, it is one of the tastiest pizzas on the menu.

From ordering to dining, the process usually takes about 5 minutes, however, sitting at their ambient, cozy, wood-finished tables can make one’s perception of time flow faster.

Currently, PizzaPazza has its website and social media up, providing an alternative way for customers to order online and leave a review.

“We want to be recognized for using locally sourced products and organic wherever we can,” Candit said. “Trying to stay true to Neapolitan-style pizza.”

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