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Community Craves: Egg & Tomato Stirfry

Wilson Zheng

Comfort foods range from soups to sandwiches and many more, but for me, egg and tomato stir fry is one of my top contenders. Being quick and easy to make, my parents and I have been cooking this dish for ages, pairing it perfectly with a bowl of fluffy steamed rice.


2 small to medium tomatoes

2 eggs

1-2 tablespoons of oil

Green onions as garnish

Salt, sugar and white pepper to taste

Splash of water (⅙-¼ cup)

Pinch of MSG (optional)

Slice your tomatoes into small wedges, each being bite-sized. Also, slice your green onions very thinly into rings.

Heat a pan to medium-high heat and put enough oil to cover the pan. Crack your eggs directly into the pan and mix or crack them beforehand into a separate bowl to mix and add.

Scramble your eggs. As soon as they have solidified, add your tomatoes and turn the heat to medium. Add your water and if it evaporates before you finish cooking, feel free to add a little more.

Put on the lid and stir occasionally, until the tomatoes have become soft enough to cut with a spoon.

Add salt, sugar, white pepper to taste and optionally a pinch of MSG. 

Add the sliced green onion as a garnish, mix well and it’s ready to serve!

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Wilson Zheng
Wilson Zheng, Journalist
Wilson is a sophomore and entering his second semester on staff. When he's not at school doing work in the library, you can find him playing video games and melodies on his piano. Wilson is looking forward to advancing as both a writer and photographer this year.

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