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Made a Lie

Sophmores Claire Lauer and Allison Dettling wait to be called for auditions. They hope to become a ballroom dancer and a model respectively.
Melanie Langa and Emma Hughes April 7, 2018

Originally published Oct. 22, 2009: Arielle Pipkins is the kind of person whose glasses match her shoes. Her carefully selected clothing and painted nails give off a feminine impression. During the...

How are Community Students Preparing for the ACT?

How are Community Students Preparing for the ACT?
Shadi Ahmadmehrabi & Fernando Rojo and Fernando Rojo March 3, 2012

Students and faculty at Community reveal the secrets of preparing for the ACT. One popular method is not being a junior who has to take it. How Community High Prepares for the ACT from The Communicator...

The Mysterious Smell Revealed

Students mixed chemicals to make compounds that smelled like fresh fruit.
Melanie Langa January 4, 2011

Listen to Liz explain what caused the smell in the hallway. Liz Stern A mysterious smell has filled the third floor hallway for two days. Coming from Liz Stern’s science room in the corner...

Heated Topics

Emma Hughes and Thea Yagerlener January 27, 2010

The failure to achieve a sound agreement at the Copenhagen Climate Conference has rattled many people. World leaders met in Copenhagen, Denmark between December 7th and 18th to discuss the urgent matter...

The Ecology Club: Working Toward a Greener Future

A proposed sight for one of the parks that would make up the greenway.
Melanie Langa January 7, 2010

At Community High School, the popularity of new clubs can be determined easily. Good advertising, an enthusiastic leader and engaging meetings are essential to make a club popular. With clever posters...

pride and prejudice book

Emma Hughes June 10, 2009

Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, appeals to readers because of the era it was both set and written in: the Regency era in England. It tells the story of a family with five daughters, many of age to...

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