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A long way home

A long way home
Cammi Tirico October 30, 2018

  Lourdes Salazar-Bautista had to decide between two homes. In Ann Arbor, she is with her closest friends, in her hometown, with the freedoms she loves. In Toluca, Mexico is her family: her 14...

A Yellow Odyssey Update: Robbery on the Road

A Yellow Odyssey Update: Robbery on the Road
Sophia Werthmann May 20, 2018

Originally Published Oct. 1, 2013: Sandy Iran Canales Munoz and his son are going to drive a school bus three thousand miles. The human capacity of the bus is 72 people. But that is not the kind of cargo...

Stay of Removal? NOT GRANTED.

Stay of Removal? NOT GRANTED.
Sophia Scarnecchia November 27, 2017

Lourdes Salazar, 15, has been through a lot. She was a former student at Ann Arbor’s Community High School. In addition to the hardships of living a teenage life, she has dealt with something only...

Diving: Women’s 10m Synchro, Men’s 3m Synchro

The Mexican team of Rommel Pacheco and Jahir Ocampo practice before the start of the Men's 3m Springboard competition.
Matthew Ferraro, Co-Editor in Chief July 18, 2015

The two women climbed the 33 foot distance and calmly waited their turn. The previous duo took off, the crowd held its breathe, and then cheered. The divers still on the platform now made their way to...

Recent Monarch Migration Brings Worries

Monarch Butterflies in flight.
Sophia Werthmann December 13, 2013

If you look outside the windows of most suburban homes in the United States, you will find that they have a lot in common. Outside you would likely see short, stubby, manicured grass. Past the grass in...

Maid in Mexico: A personal essay

Julia interviews Andrea while Mr. Razo translates
Julia Kortberg, photos courtesy of the Kortberg family March 25, 2010

When I compare my life to hers, I am extremely lucky. We are both sixteen-years-old, residing in different countries and living very different lives. I just celebrated my birthday, I am excited about...

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