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Without development, economic growth can “tear a city apart”

Look up.  There is sky above you.
Noah Bernstein April 21, 2020
Just this past summer, Google poured an additional $17 million into their Ann Arbor and Detroit offices. Business investments like these are becoming more common in southeast Michigan. With them come growing pains, but also a stronger sense of community.

Oliver Schutt

Oliver Schutt
Noah Bernstein February 24, 2020

"One of my favorite bands (The Avalanches) released music this week. They usually only release stuff like once a decade. The song is called "We Will Always Love You" with a feature from Blood Sunday. I...

“JACKBOYS” album review

Noah Bernstein February 10, 2020

Following weeks of anticipation, Travis Scott and his label Cactus Jack released their collaborative album “JACKBOYS” on Friday, Dec. 21. A running length of only 21 minutes did not stop the explosively...

January update for Forum Council

January update for Forum Council
Noah Bernstein February 8, 2020

The greater part of January was dedicated to organizing middle school meetings. The outreach is a major part of how CHS informed potential middle schoolers and their parents about CHS. Since CHS is not...

Picture This: Noah Bernstein

Picture This: Noah Bernstein
Benicio Martins-Caulfield November 8, 2019

“I was doing a run in the Arb a couple days ago, and I was running and I was like, ‘oh that’s pretty sweet.’ So I took out my phone and just took a picture of [the sky] while I was running. I have...

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