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Raw Human Connection

Raw Human Connection

February 9, 2019

Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes.

Her Movie Review

January 17, 2014

CHS students wrote on sticky notes, saying what they are thankful for.

Modern Day Gratitude

November 15, 2012

Time Spent on Facebook Can Factor into Teenagers’ Self-Esteem

Mari Cohen

May 21, 2012

Let’s go back to the end of December for a minute. It’s dark and cold. University of Michigan has promised to release its decisions for early action admissions, and Ann Arbor seniors are repeatedly checking their emails, biting...

Laptops at CHS

Sam Glassford and Tuval Vaknin

November 30, 2011

Computers have become necessities of high school academics. There are laptop carts all around the school, the computer lab is always occupied by English and FOS classes and the Media Center has a laptop cart as well as many Apple...

Too Much Tech

Kyle Aaronson

January 6, 2011

I sat down the other day to watch a movie with my cousins and younger brother. They had their minds set on watching the sixth Harry Potter movie despite how atrocious of a film it is; sadly, OnDemand disappointed them (it didn’t...