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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts if You’re Broke

10 Valentine's Day Gifts if You're Broke
Jenna Jarjoura February 14, 2018

For Valentine’s day, teens find themselves in the situation where they don't have enough money to buy the right gifts that mean something for their friends. Some cheap ideas are listed below!   Chocolates,...

A Valentine’s Poem for Any Occasion

A Valentine's Poem for Any Occasion
Andie Tappenden February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day only comes once a year, but love is forever. Well, maybe love doesn't always last forever, but poetry does. No matter how your Valentine's Day goes, here's a curation of five beautiful...

Live on Washington Raises Money While Students “Get LOW”

February 11th, high school students are “getting LOW” at the B-Side, flashing lights and people blur together in the whirling action of the event.
Zane Jones February 17, 2017

The line crept out of the parking lot and swept onto S. 5th ave. At 6:15 on Saturday nightthe line for the 7:00 event was already starting to form. Inside the B-Side, people were still setting up for...

Valentine’s Day: Are Industries Making it Something it’s Not?

Valentine’s Day: Are Industries Making it Something it’s Not?
Megan Syer February 14, 2015

As shoppers fill into stores for last minute Valentine’s Day gifts, the stock for chocolates, cards and flowers slowly start to go down. According to National Retail Federation, retail spending is expected...

Singing Valentines: A Long-Standing Tradition

Galen Burrell receives a Singing Valentine on Valentine's Day
Nick Hagopian-Zirkel and Sofia Kromis February 26, 2013

Singing Valentines has been a tradition at Community High School since before most teachers can remember. During the week leading up to the event, the valentines, along with carnations and chocolates,...

Who Will Save Valentine’s Day at CHS? (Video)

Fernando Rojo and Graham Gerdes February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day is one of America’s more commercialized holidays, and is one that is widely practiced. Cards, candy and velvet red characterize and complete the holiday. Interviews with several Community...

Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine's Day 2012
Shadi Ahmadmehrabi & Fernando Rojo and Fernando Rojo February 15, 2012

Students and staff at Community High share what they hope to get on Valentine's Day. Check back later to see if they got what they wanted! Update: Eli Sugerman says he got exactly what he wanted...

Valentine’s Day at Community High

Morgan Harvey and Alex Graham met during CET rehearsals.
Ella Bourland and Helen Januszewski February 18, 2011

On Monday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day took over Community High School. Classes were often stopped for CET (Community Ensemble Theater) and BSU (Black Student Union) members distributing chocolates,...

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