Community High School raises $5438.50 for Food Gatherers

After only two weeks of fundraising, Community High students and staff filed into St. Andrew’s Church to find out how much money the school, as a whole, had raised for local food bank, Food Gatherers. The grand total was $5438.50. For every dollar donated to Food Gatherers, three meals go out into the community. With the money that CHS forums fundraised 16,315 will be given out.

Every year, during the month of November, CHS has a fundraiser for Food Gatherers. Each forum works separately to raise as much money as possible. Each forum has a different way of fundraising, some will have bake sales, others will ask their family and friends for money. Cody Devee, CHS sophomore, went door to door around Ann Arbor and raised a total of $1012. “My family has been going to food banks for the past few years, so I figured that’s the least I could do to make up for it,” he said. Last year, Devee raised $601 for Food Gatherers, but this year he spent more at least 20 hours knocking on doors.

Mary Schlitt, Director of Development and Marketing at Food Gatherers, was at the ceremony to collect the money. She was incredibly inspired by the work that CHS students put forth in fundraising. “I think just to see the enthusiasm, from the students, really touches me and that they’re really excited about the amount of money they raised. Every year you guys just do better and better and raise more money. It touches me and really shows that everyone cares about our neighbors,” said Schlitt.

Watch representative announce how much their forum raised:

Community Students Announce How Much Their Forum Raised For Food Gatherers from The Communicator on Vimeo.