Egg Joust

Thursday, March 28, CHS science teacher Courtney Kiley’s classroom was overflowing with cheering, groaning, excited chatter and even occasional singing as students participated in the annual FOS IV Physics egg joust. As part of a project on forces and impulse, students had spent a month building mousetrap-powered cars that would protect an egg from breaking during a collision. On Thursday, the cars from 4th and 6th block were put to the test in an explosive elimination tournament.

Each car was required to have a theme, and to receive credit for the project, students had to dress up in costumes that fit their theme. The winners from 4th block, Nick Tobin, Ben Helber and Obinna Ugwuegbu, defeated the competition with their “Average Joes” car, and the champions of 6th block, Kate Summers, Dan Chapman, Rianna Johnson-Levy, May Skelton and Amelia Diehl, smashed their way to victory with their Alice in Wonderland-themed car “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Kiley will award each team a certificate after spring break ends and class resumes.