CET’s “Just Desserts” to Finish the Year with a Bang

“This shouldn’t be an experience for just the ‘theater kids’–I want it to be open to everyone.” On Thursday April 11, English teacher Quinn Strassel gave a high-energy speech to students who assembled in the Craft Theater to get more information about CET’s upcoming production. The mass meeting for the end-of-year play festival “Just Desserts” covered the timeframe of the production, as well its unique nature.

Now in its second year, this “Just Desserts” promises to be even bigger than its predecessor. While last year’s production featured a mix of songs, monologues and short skits, Strassel wants this performance to be even more integrated and versatile. Although most of the skits and the basic structure of this year’s play festival have already been determined, Strassel still encourages students to approach him with new ideas. “One student was thinking about doing a dance performance,” he said. “I’m open to any ideas like that.”

Strassel particularly encouraged time-pressed students to consider participating in this show, as the entire production will take place in just three weeks. Although students will need to be present in the afternoons for most days of the week, the short timeframe will yield a rewarding experience without as much of a commitment as some of CET’s larger productions. “It’ll be a bit wild and crazy,” Strassel admitted, “but also a lot of fun.” The short timeframe will also yield students a resume-bolstering show that may be beneficial to college applications.

Auditions for the show will take place in the afternoon on April 16, and interested students can sign up on the door of the Craft Theater. Students will not need to worry about preparing materials in advance–instead, groups of eight students will show up for a half-hour time period, where they will be presented with short scripts and will have a few minutes to practice with a partner. For students who might be intimidated by the audition process, Strassel suggests bringing a friend along to calm harried nerves. After the auditions have taken place, the directors will cast their shows. Casting will be announced at an after-school mass meeting on Friday, April 19.

Overall, Strassel stressed that he wants this production to be very student-friendly. Along with longtime tech directors Brice and Deb O’Neal, Strassel plans to strive for an open and interdisciplinary environment, where different crews and even members of the cast will work hand-in-glove to ensure a streamlined and efficient production.

For those who are interested in being a part of “Just Desserts,” but who may not have been able to attend the mass meeting, auditions will take place at 3 pm on Thursday, April 18. All crew and cast forms are also due at this time. Performances will take place on May 10-11, with CET’s end-of-year Silent Auction to be held during the intermission of the final performance.