Annual BSU Forum Talent Show

Smiles and giggles filled Craft Theater as the annual Forum Talent Show began. The talent show was put on by the Black Student Union (BSU). This year’s hosts were Tamya Anderson and Daniel Eder.  Each forum that wanted to participate paid $10 that goes towards funding the BSU. This year ten forums participated and the acts ranged from solving a Rubiks cube to doing the Harlem Shake to going over the Forum bulletin.

The acts were judged by three members of the Community High staff. This year’s judges were Courtney Kiley, Jack Wagner and LaTonya Mayfield. The judges had the paramount role of deciding the top three acts. This year’s winning forum was the Mosher forum with their version of ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ by Taylor Swift, ‘We Are Never Ever Going To Win The Tug Of War’. “It feels great [to win],” said Mosher. The Mosher forums act was exactly what the judges were looking for. “I was looking for forum participation; I was looking for something original so the winners got my highest score because they came up with their own song,” explained Kiley.

The runner-up was the Root Forum with their dance to the popular song ‘Thrift Shop’ by Macklemore. In third place was the Strassel forum; they put their arms and legs through the sleeves of their sweatshirts and walked/danced around the stage to the song ‘Stanky Legg’ by the GS Boyz. The forums in first and second place received trophies while the forum in third place just received the satisfaction of being in third place.

The Forum Talent Show, however, would not have been possible without the hard work of the BSU. They were the ones who made all the posters and organized it so it would be an enjoyable experience for all of Community to share. “It gives forums something to do other than sit in forum all day, something more exciting to do,” said Lashay Ellis, a member of the BSU.

All of the BSU’s effort paid off with high participation and top notch talent. “It was a very cool display of talent and everybody did a really good job, I thought,” said CHS sophomore Stephen Brandell. The Forum talent show has really become a Community tradition with people looking foward to it each year. It has also become a representation of what Community stands for with everybody supporting each other and all the positive energy that comes with it. This year’s forum talent show set a high bar that will be challenging to meet next year.

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