Taylor Tucker-Gray


One night at mock trial, I totally forgot it, and Antoni Alvarez—he’s still in the spork game—had a spork and he didn’t spork me. There were multiple times in mock trial where I didn’t have my spork and he didn’t spork me. The next week, I went to Salvation Army, as one does, and I was trying on clothes, and in retrospect I think I left it in a dressing room, but I didn’t think about it at the time. During this time, I was texting Antoni and like “you’re so not going to get me out, I’m going to win,” before I realized my spork was missing. So then I just left, and I got home and was like “okay, great, I don’t have my spork.” I was searching through my entire house—I searched the house five times, I searched my bedroom and everything. The next morning, I went to ecology, which is a class with mostly seniors, and there were multiple people with sporks. But no one even tried! So then, Antoni walked in, and I saw him smile, and then he sporked me.