It Just Feels Right

When Ella Glass looks in the mirror she just knows if an outfit feels right or not. 

“A couple weeks ago, I was getting ready to go somewhere and I just felt like I was not expressing myself properly so I changed,” Glass said. “I’m not sure how I know, I just do.” 

Glass, a sophomore at Community has a keen eye for fashion. Her interest in how she dresses was sparked freshman year and has only grown since then. She describes her style as “lazy and dark academia” and gets most of her inspiration from Pinterest.

“I am really interested in early 2000s fashion, but from Japan,” Glass said. “Late 90s and early 2000s fashion in Japan is really cool to me…If I were ever to buy new clothes or try to find new pieces of my wardrobe I would definitely just start there”

As Glass’s style evolves so does her clothing. She tries to stay away from buying fast fashion and instead, she pairs clothes she already has in different ways.

“I am trying to shop more sustainably because that is really important to me,” Glass Said. “When changing my look, I found myself using the clothes I already have. But when I do It’s mostly from Pacsun or Amazon or over the summer mostly I just wear like my dad’s t-shirts and pants I’ve had forever.”

 Glass’s three, go-to pieces from her wardrobe are her plaid cuffed pants, reddish-orange sweater and black t-shirt screen printed with someone playing shuffleboard. Her favorite addition to her outfits are her doc martens or Adidas continentals. 

Glass loves to compliment her outfits with a pair of homemade earrings. She began making these unique earrings earlier this year, but she really got into them during quarantine. 

“ I never wear consistent statements or pieces of jewelry that are a staple in my wardrobe but every so often I’ll make a pair of earrings,” Glass said. “I think my earrings especially have just evolved with my style.” 

Glass’s collection consists of many different kinds of earrings, from keys to little green aliens. 

Glass not only expresses herself through her clothes but also her hair. 

“I express myself with my hair more than I express myself through my clothes,” Glass said.  “I think that each time I dye my hair or do something different to my hair it’s sort of like how other people buy clothes.” 

One of the boldest changes Glass made to her hair was shaving her head. She had been wanting to do it for four years and on the first day of quarantine, she took the leap and cut it all off. 

“Honestly I think after I shaved my head I realized how unhappy I was with my hair all the time,” Glass Said. “I was never satisfied with it no matter what I did, I definitely am happier since shaving my head.” Shaving her head was a weird adjustment for glass, but definitely a liberating one.