Spring Into Fashion


When spring comes around, the flowers bloom and so do outfits. Three people told us what they’re excited about in their style this spring.

Kate Shenton is a student at the University of Michigan. Shenton enjoys the transition that comes with spring. The warm but cool weather is perfect to wear a jacket and a skirt. She can also experiment with different pieces.

“You don’t have to wear too many layers but you still can have fun with different layers,” Shenton said.

She also likes to wear skirts as opposed to jeans when it comes to spring fashion. Shenton finds more comfort in wearing more skirts during the spring months. They are more breathable and pleasant to wear than jeans, which can be constricting. With the warmer weather and sunny skies, Shenton also leans towards wearing brighter colors.

Similar to Shenton, CHS sophomore Emily Yesowitz also starts to wear bright colors.

“As the weather’s getting brighter, I wear brighter clothes,” Yesowitz says.

Yesowitz thinks that her style in the winter is more comfortable and relaxed but the style she inherits in the spring is more playful and fun. She sees herself playing more with patterns in the spring time as opposed to winter.

Yesowitz also brings out her skirts in the spring, like Shenton. Yesowitz embraces the symbols of spring in her outfit, with the bunnies and turtles on her sweater. She likes both winter and spring fashion, as winter style is more comfortable and comes to her easier, but spring fashion allows her to have more freedom.

The floral all around certainly influences us in the way we dress. Anya Akhoury, a sophomore, is excited to join the others in more colorful clothes.
“I wear lighter colors like the flowers coming up, and then dresses if it’s warm enough.”

The weather has a vast influence on how we choose to dress. In winter these three students are more inclined to dress in darker colors but when spring comes around they dress in bright, fun patterns and colors. They are excited about the spring weather and the fashion to come with it.