Starting the Day with Fashion


Claire Theiss looks for a shirt she likes before she starts her day. Trying to find something to pair with that shirt, she may just strike gold with other articles of clothing.

In a trial and error-style cycle, she eventually finds the perfect pieces for her outfit.

“It’s the process of finding out how I’m feeling that day,” Theiss said. “It helps me express myself more than anything else.”

By testing out a specific piece of clothing — even if it doesn’t end up being the final pick—she is able to match her physical appearance with her feelings that day. If no particular piece of clothing is inspiring her, she can find inspiration from her makeup instead.

Theiss doesn’t only find inspiration from her own belongings — as the seasons change, so does her style of clothing. In the spring and summer, she likes to wear skirts, crop tops, and other feminine-leaning styles of clothing. But when it starts to get colder in the fall and winter, she begins to dress more traditionally masculine, opting for items like sweaters and corduroys.
She likes to get her clothes from places like Urban Outfitters, Ragstock and various thrift stores. She finds inspiration from social media platforms such as Pinterest and Tik Tok. After she gets an idea, she’ll spin it into something she really enjoys and can resonate with.

“It’s a really nice way to show who I am to people,” Theiss said.

For Theiss, mood plays a big role in what she wears every day, whether it be consciously or not. She is able to communicate this through her use of color and specific designs. By using this connection to her emotions she can reflect a little bit of her inner-self onto her physical appearance, and in turn the people around her.