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Baking Club Debuts at Community

Daniel Ging
Klava Alicea advertising Baking Club at the 2023 CHS Club Fair. She hoped to catch the eye of any bake enthusiasts with a homemade sign and cookies. “I think [starting a club is] something really valuable that everyone should learn how to do, just like leading a group,” Alicea said. “I like baking and I think it’d be fun to do, so I wanted to do it and there wasn’t a club like this yet.”

Community High School has its apron on and oven mitts at the ready for the school’s newest addition: Baking Club.

Baking Club made its first appearance at CHS during the 2023 Club Fair. Their table, run by presidents Klava Alicea and Meghan Pillote, was extremely popular. Over 50 people signed up for the club and expressed their interest in sharing baked goods with fellow students.

Baking Club meets on Mondays at lunch in Room 122.

Meetings at Baking Club follow a fun and laid-back structure. Everyone will come into the club with a recipe in mind, and put their idea in a hat. During each meeting, members will partake in a variety of activities including Twister, Just Dance, trivia and card games. At the end of the meeting, the winner or loser of the game puts their hand into the hat and draws a recipe. They then go home, make whatever dish they pulled, and bring it in to share the following Monday.

Baking Club is set up in a way that prevents one person from having to bake every week. Being tasked with providing a dessert each Monday can feel more like a chore, rather than an enjoyable activity. Students already have enough homework piled up, they don’t need to add another commitment. Because only the winner or loser of the weekly game makes a baked good, it gives someone new a chance to make something delicious each week.

Alicea feels her club is a great opportunity for people of all ages to come together and make new friends. She wants to contribute to a friendly and comforting environment within CHS.

“In December, when it’s really cold, people aren’t going to want to go out in the snow,” said Alicea. “They’re gonna want to hang out in a classroom. I see that our club will be that room that people want to go to because it’s going to be really fun and cozy and we’ll be eating desserts.”

Laurel Landrum, former advisor of both Fishing Club and Latinos Unidos, has agreed to be the advisor for Baking Club. She is excited to see what kind of baked goods everyone brings in, especially lemon bars and key-lime pies.

Along with providing delicious treats, Landrum believes Baking Club will create a space for kids to step up as leaders and work together in a group.

“I think it’s gonna be good for a camaraderie and to build a sense of community within Community,” Landrum said.

Many people are just as excited as Landrum to be joining Baking Club. Ava Griffith, CHS sophomore, is one student eager to begin attending meetings.

“They just seemed very friendly,” Griffith said. “I follow their Instagram already, and they have a big sign in Jessica’s room and it’s just nice and fun.”

Baking Club runs an official Instagram account where weekly announcements will be posted. They hope for their Instagram page to show off all the fun moments within the club, as well as highlight the different desserts members bring in.

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