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Another Year of Feminism

Chronicling yet another year of Feminist Club
Piper Cooke
Recent Feminist Club meeting. Topics of the Barbie movie and gender roles were discussed. “I think this meeting was very enlightening,” Cooke said, “I love this club and the Barbie movie.”

Community High School students make their way around arrays of folding tables, tri-folds, and sign-up sheets. This event is known as Club Fair. Lila Fetter, CHS senior stood next to the Feminist Club stand, ready for all the excitement.

Sophomore Emma Golbrisch is ready to create positive change during her second year as a member of the Feminist Club.

“I’m excited to see what kind of projects we do this year because I really like doing the projects that help a lot of people,” Goblirsch said. “Last year, the club ran a menstrual product drive and was able to provide free products in every school bathroom”.

The Feminist Club also had a Feminist March where guest speakers came to meet with Community students. Some of these speakers included Michigan state representative Carrie Rheingans and Golbrisch’s mother, Lisa Groh.

“It was really enlightening to see people from all different walks of life come together to support one cause,” Goblirsch said.

She also hopes that the club will attract many new members this year.

One of these new members is Ryan Grant. He is passionate about feminism and believes that more men should be interested as well.

“I hate the patriarchy,” Grant said. When Grant first learned about sexism, something changed inside of him. “We’re all in this together. The world is a big place. And there’s a lot of people and we need to be inclusive of all.”

Feminist Club leader Fetter plans to make inclusion a focus in the club this year.

“I like to encourage people to share stuff about their lives,” Fetter said. And not just discuss feminist issues and gender equality and stuff you see in the news, because I also want to know each member individually and what they’re interested in. That’s something I really want to focus on this year.”

Fetter is also passionate about racial equality in feminism and thinks of Laverne Cox as one of her role models.

“I at least want to talk about, in terms of intersectionality and like how women of color, especially in terms of feminism and gender equality, and trans people of color, they need to be more centered in those discussions,” Fetter said.

She aims to provide a safe and communicative space for all students to learn about feminism.

Payton Sly and Zola Saigal are sophomores who are starting their first year as part of the Feminist Club. They hope to inform themselves and others on how to be better feminists.

“We’re just super interested in being feminists, considering the fact that we are female,” Sly said. “It’s an issue that’s still around and it’s been around for so many years.”

The Feminist Club is ready to start its year strong, and many new members are joining them. The club meets on Fridays during lunch in room 213 and encourages students to drop in and see what feminism is about.

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Ivy Miller
Ivy Miller, Journalist
Ivy is a sophomore at CHS who is excited to be joining The Communicator. In her free time, she runs cross country and track for Skyline. Ivy loves walking her cat and her dog and spending time outdoors. She is passionate about wildlife conservation and growing as a writer.
Piper Cooke
Piper Cooke, Journalist
Piper Cooke is a sophomore at Community High School looking forward to her first semester on the Communicator staff. When she isn't listening to music or enjoying quality time with her friends, she can be found walking in nature and exploring new ideas. Piper has always been drawn to medical science and cannot wait for what this semester brings.

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