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College Visit: Sarah Lawrence

Janaki Nallamothu
Students sit around a table with Julia Cohen, the Assistant Director of Admission at Sarah Lawrence College. Seniors and juniors learned about how student life and academics work at Sarah Lawrence. “I was really excited to see that [Sarah Lawrence] was coming to Community,” junior Ionie Steudle said. “I was really happy to learn more about it.”

Students gathered in the Bodley Hall, eager to learn more about Sarah Lawrence College, a liberal arts college located in New York. On Friday, Oct. 20, the Assistant Director of Admissions at Sarah Lawrence College, Julia Cohen, visited Community High. When CHS junior, Ionie Steudle, heard that the college visit would be taking place, she was very excited.

“I’ve heard a lot about the college from my friends and family and I’ve also done my own research,” Steudle said. “I was very really happy to learn more about it.”

After the college visit ended, Steudle took a moment to reflect on what she learned. One aspect of the college that she was drawn to was the “no major” system. Rather than choosing one specific major like at a traditional college or university, the students of Sarah Lawerence College meet with their dean and choose all of the individual classes they are interested in instead of the set of classes that go with each major. Students are able to connect more than 50 areas of specialization together to create a course of study that is completely unique. 

Steudle liked this aspect because, at this time in her life, she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do.

“You get to choose your own path,” Steudle said. “It’s a good place for people who don’t know what they want to do yet to experiment. Or if you do know what you want to do, there’s also so many other aspects to it.”

Steudle doesn’t know where her education is going to lead her, but having a college that gives her the freedom to explore all her interests before she has to decide on one path gives her hope and reassurance. It reminds her that every interest she pursues might not be “the one” and that is completely okay. 

“I can try different things out and not feel stressed that I don’t know yet,” Steudle said. “Knowing there’s a [college] like that is really helpful.”

With over 16,000 students, Sarah Lawrence classes are relatively small, and the curriculum is project-based with bi-weekly roundtable discussions and a 10:1 student/faculty ratio. This small student-to-teacher ratio encourages students to develop a closer, more meaningful relationship with each of their professors.

The days before registration is interview week at Sarah Lawrence. Students are able to meet with prospective professors and learn about the curriculum, show some of their previous work, and learn about the professor as well as how the class will function.

“We recognize that every student isn’t going to like every professor,” Cohen said. “It’s a really good way to write off classes you’re not interested in.”

Sarah Lawrence prides itself on being a collaborative environment. Every student’s path is unique to their interests and passions but students work together to succeed.

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