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Cocoa and Cram: Counselors Introduce Study Session Stocked with Hot Cocoa and Snacks

Fueled by hot cocoa generously donated by Zingerman’s Delicatessen, snacks, and a cozy virtual fire, over 50 CHS students and staff gathered in the Craft Theater to study for finals and work during the first ever “Cocoa and Cram” event.

On Tuesday, January 9th and Thursday, January 11th, the CHS counseling department, along with the NHS student volunteers, hosted the school’s first ever “Cocoa and Cram”. “Cocoa and Cram” is an after school study session where students were able to collaborate with each other, receive help from student tutors and teachers, and were able to have a fun space to study for finals. There were snacks provided, with of course, hot cocoa.

The idea for “Cocoa and Cram” came from CHS counselor, Brian Williams, who wanted to create a space where students can gain support in their preparation for finals. It can be daunting for 9th graders going into their first set of finals, so Williams wanted to ease student’s worries and provide them with a way to collaborate and gain help from peers.

“There’s several of us just trying to bring new things to the school, to try new things,” Williams said. “I wanted to have opportunities for students and staff to get together outside of the traditional day of school. So I was thinking, why not try to help our ninth graders and anybody who just wants help.”

The student and staff response from “Cocoa and Cram” was so overwhelmingly positive, with many students really benefiting from the experience.

“People are enjoying themselves and getting work done,” Williams said. “It’s very productive.”

This resource can be utilized by anyone throughout the school, and is an alternative to losing focus while studying in the familiarity and casualness of your own home.

CHS ninth grader, Milly Sandstrom, enjoyed the experience in helping her prepare for her first ever set of finals. “It’s a very nice environment,” Sandstrom said. “I definitely needed to get work done.”

Sandstrom really appreciated the event because it allowed her to work with her peers.

“I think it’s nice to have a place where I can study,” Sandstrom said. “Not only for me, but for everyone especially if you have a group project or something. I think that it’s nice to have a space where you can work on it. It’s sometimes hard to find those spaces.”

The first ever “Cocoa and Cram” was a major success, and will hopefully be cemented into CHS tradition.

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