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“Older” Album Review

Lizzy McAlpine’s new album: Older, is deep from the heart. The melancholy tones and raw emotion of the songs are a perfect navigation of heartbreak and growth.
Older by Lizzy McAlpine album cover.
“Older” by Lizzy McAlpine album cover.

Folk indie pop artist Lizzy McAlpine released her third studio album “Older” on April 5, 2024. McAlpine teased parts of it by releasing two songs beforehand: “Older” and “I Guess”. These two songs alluded to the theme of on-and-off love doubled with a maturing and somber tone to the album.

Her previous two albums: “Give Me a Minute” and “five seconds flat” and Live EP: When the World Stopped Moving have had distinct themes of heartbreak, finding or losing love, and longing.

The new album is full of raw and heartbreaking emotion.

The song “Older” is one of her most popular songs off the album, and it is absolutely one of the most relatable. It is a perfect representation of the bittersweet thought of time passing along with growing out of childhood memories and experiences. The lyrics represent a strong desire to hold onto moments and wanting time back. McAlpine recognizes how quickly and abruptly time can change and how things pass her and escape her memory. The lyrics “Over and over, watch it all pass, mom’s getting older I’m wanting it back” hits close to home for me. A part of getting older has always been scary to me. This song encapsulates the feeling of missing out on the joys of life, even the little things, such as the last time holding your mom’s hand to walk across the street, or the last time your dad picked you up to take you inside because you fell asleep in the car.

The third track: “Like It Tends To Do” is a heartbreaking song, representing the stages of heartache. McAlpine perseveres in this song with unwavering raw emotion and honesty. It begins as the beginning of the arc of heartache and ends as cherishing memories. One of the most prominent lyrics is: “Don’t know why I feel I’m faking something, I don’t know what to do with my hands anymore, Feels exactly like it was, But at the same time it feels so different.” This shows McAlpine’s recognition that things are different between her and a possible ex-lover. She knows she won’t forget the moments they had, even though they won’t happen again. Those moments remain in her memory, as they usually tend to do.

In “All Falls Down”, McAlpine explores herself and recognizes personal growth, taking listeners along with her on this passionate journey. The tone of this song is very melancholy, with self-discovery being a positive yet difficult idea, casting rays of self-doubt and second-guessing, McAlpine also acknowledges how she tries hard but it always seems to all fall down. This is especially prevalent in the lyrics, “Couldn’t say who I am right now, tell me how to keep the time from sticking around.” McAlpine looks for herself in others, knowing only she can find herself.

Older was an outline of the human spirit, providing relatability, tender emotions, and vulnerability. From the lyrics to the notes, Lizzy McAlpine communicated herself in a way like no other.

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