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2013 Grammys Recap

2013 Grammys Recap

February 14, 2013

Artist Profile: Isaac Scobey-Thal and Oren Levin

Daniel Sagher

November 14, 2012

The Neutral Zone, Ann Arbor’s teen center, has nurtured many teen bands in the past. From hard-rocking punk bands like the Echoes to nerdy funk-rock bands like Sole Transit, The Neutral Zone’s B-side has seen it all. Well,...

Metal: The Most Misunderstood Music Genre of All Time?

Austin Bruner

November 13, 2012

People are unaware of the abilities behind the techniques needed to create the music, which is why metal is often viewed as aggressively unmusical and noisy. “Metal does not take any rhythmic skills or talent to play,” says...

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Erez Levin

November 8, 2012