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Johnny Colorado and the Beaver Brown Band

Jake Cinti November 9, 2009

Johnny Colorado This clever, upbeat folk/comedy band is, unfortunately, no longer together due to all the members going to different colleges this fall. However, if you long for (or have yet to hear)...

Ben Lougheed

Jake Cinti November 9, 2009

Ben Lougheed Ben Lougheed multi-tasked with his right hand at Breakin' Curfew in May as two of his fingers kept a steady rhythmic note, and the other three picked the tune's melody.  Lougheed, a classical...

Perception featuring Kevin Sherman

Jake Cinti November 9, 2009

Perception featuring Kevin Sherman Masterfully structured, energetic, improvisational jazz with a hip-hop blast at the end describes Perception’s performance at the Power Center in May. With CHS...

The Ark's stage was covered in delightful blue and red sequins.

Ingrid Michaelson Brings Sequins, Humor, and Music to The Ark

Sarah Kerson and Gillian Teall November 5, 2009

This glimmering addition to the intimate concert venue was the work of Ingrid Michaelson and her band: “Dan and I went on a quest to find shiny things,” Michaelson laughed, referring to her band...

Realism of Being a Teenager: the Perks of Being a Wallflower

Kerryann Fingerle November 5, 2009

I’ve read a fair share of young-adult books about teenagers who face normal problems, such as parents, drugs, love, fitting in, and keeping up in school. They’ve all held my attention, but they all...

Jazzin' Things Up

Jazzin’ Things Up

Hind Omar, Drake Johnson November 5, 2009

[qt:/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ 320 240] Our award winning jazz band started the year off strong by diligently practicing and working on new pieces. This day was strange for them...

Defly Sly

Paige Weems November 5, 2009

Vibrations fill the room as the band “Defly Sly” practices. A strong hit to the snare drum keeps everyone together.“I have a good sense of tempo, I think. I try to keep it consistent and I often...

Le Samourai

Griffin Johnson November 5, 2009

Fedora hats are dumb. People look dumb in fedoras. This is a more or less unshakable rule of existence on planet Earth. I’m glad we got this out of the way. I consider myself more attuned to the fedora...

Raoul Wallenberg Award Recipient Speaks at Neutral Zone

Raoul Wallenberg Award Recipient Speaks at Neutral Zone

She couldn’t play soccer. They wouldn’t let her. Lydia Cacho, a Mexican feminist and human rights activist, discovered sexism at a young age. “Girls shouldn’t play soccer in Mexico.” Cacho,...

Book Review; The Weight of Silence

Book Review; The Weight of Silence

Hannah October 27, 2009

Heather Gudenkauf grew up with a unique "unilateral hearing impairment". It had lead her to find a retreat in the written word. The more she read, the more "voracious" of a reader she became, and "the...

The September Issue (2009)

The September Issue (2009)

Cody October 13, 2009

When RJ Cutler set out to make his new documentary “The September Issue” his intentions were to reveal the story of Anna Wintour, the caricatured editor-in-chief of the veritable holy grail of...

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