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Indiana on Top of NCAA

Seamus Cares

December 5, 2012

The University of Indiana Hoosiers are number one in all of college basketball for a good reason. The Hoosiers attack opponents with a wave of offense from every angle, and deny every passing lane and open shot on defense. R...


Danny Langa

May 5, 2011

With only 12 games left in group play, the standings are as followed: Group A: Tied 1. The Diversifiers (2-0) Tied 1. The Whelped Sukiyaki (2-0) Tied 3. The Vegtables (0-2) Tied 3. The Misfits (0-2) Group B: 1. The...

2011 features a new bracket, with 68 teams.

Madness in March

March 17, 2011

Sports in Ann Arbor

Sports in Ann Arbor

February 9, 2011