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“Welcome to Commie High” comes out

Lucy Tobier April 6, 2020

Community High School may not have an official school color or any sports teams, but it does have a feature length documentary. “Welcome to Commie High,” directed by filmmaker Donald Harrison of 7...

Every part of me: Mark Mercier

Every part of me: Mark Mercier
Geneve Thomas-Palmer, Web EIC December 17, 2019

Freshman year, Mark Mercier was sitting at the leftmost table on the first floor of CHS. The new school still felt foreign. At once, he felt a twinge of dread and excitement; he gets the same feeling whenever...

Every part of me: Susan King

Every part of me: Susan King
Geneve Thomas-Palmer December 3, 2019

Seven years ago, Susan King* decided she was too tired to stay in the closet at her job. In her previous place of work, King felt as though she had to hide her sexual orientation to keep healthy relationships...

Closeted Cover

Closeted Cover
Atticus Dewey February 11, 2019

The sun shone through the four-paned window in the bedroom of Terry Phillips*, causing them to stir from their slumber. They began their day like many other high school students do — waking up, eating...

The thinker

Robert Morgan imitates the pose of The Thinker, the famous sculpture by Auguste Rodin. A statue of a man lost in thought, The Thinker became associated with philosophy. “The best thinking gets done when you're very bored,” Morgan said.
Mori Ono January 17, 2019

For Robert Morgan, the distractions of life, whether it be work or playing games, makes the meaning of life feel remote. The everyday falls into monotonous and automatic thought. With a long walk or...

Creating a Life Worth Living

Creating a Life Worth Living
Anja Jacobson January 17, 2019

Shortly before 2 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon, Erica Silverman* left school to go attend a consultation at the Ann Arbor DBT Center. She had been on the waiting list for quite a while and was finally contacted...

Students prepare for auditions for CET’s musical “Disaster!”

Romeo Klobucar, CHS sophomore, practices his audition song at the piano.
Andrea Schnell January 9, 2019

Community Ensemble Theater (CET) is starting up once again with a quirky musical set in the ‘70s called “Disaster!”. After school on Thursday, Jan. 10, and Friday, Jan. 11, students will sing a song...

A long way home

A long way home
Cammi Tirico October 30, 2018

  Lourdes Salazar-Bautista had to decide between two homes. In Ann Arbor, she is with her closest friends, in her hometown, with the freedoms she loves. In Toluca, Mexico is her family: her 14...

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