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Community High School Graduation 2018

As the 2018 Community High School graduates look into the audience of their families, friends, and peers, they thank them for everything that they have done for the graduates, and the crowd gives their thanks to the seniors for all they have done for the audience.
Shea O'Brien, Atticus Dewey, and Cammi Tirico June 6, 2018

   Community High graduation: In accordance with everything else at Community High, graduation could be described as a “unique” affair. At first glance, some graduates could be seen in caps and...

Judith Halloween 2005

Judith Halloween 2005
Kailyn McGuire October 12, 2016

Clubs Gather at CHS Club Fair

CET Members Jack Cassell, Lia Kahan, and Jonah Eichner pose for dramatic picture around sandwich.
Sam Ciesielski and Sacha Verlon September 21, 2016

CHS students rabbled the Craft Theatre on Friday, Sept. 16 to get a sneak peak on what all of Community’s clubs have to offer. The start of the new school year brings in new students with a plethora...

Events in Ann Arbor: 5/10-5/17

Abby Bogits May 8, 2015

Sunday, May 10th, 10:30 a.m-1 p.m. “Fresh from the Garden: Lunch and Tour with Mom”: Zingerman’s Cornman Farms Attend a 2 hour tour of Zingerman’s farm led by the staff followed by a Mother’s...

Alicia Doudna: Musical Healing

Doudna, age 3, sitting on the front porch of her Illinois home.
December 11, 2014

  Originally Published Dec. 11, 2014: The silver Honda Civic lay flipped over on westbound I-94 near Parma Township, Michigan. The traffic came to a complete stand-still for hours as...

She Does What She Loves

Marin Scott and her
Grace Koepele October 24, 2014

Being social is something that Marin Scott enjoys and excels at. This interest and talent has played a big role in the creation of her most recent and extensive hobby: blogging. On July 27 2013, “The...

Preparing for college. A senior’s perspective.

Sean Kiel-Locey and Alex Raschke October 24, 2014

Like many other seniors at this time, Anna Raschke is preparing for college. Raschke visited some of the colleges she is hoping to apply to this fall. She is a straight A student and has been through...

A Glimpse at CHS Prom 2014 (Extended Photo Gallery)

A Glimpse at CHS Prom 2014 (Extended Photo Gallery)
Ada Banks and Sophia Camp May 9, 2014

Read the Prom 2014 article here. Photos by Ada Banks Photos by Sophia Camp

Teens Build Houses?

Nick Stevens April 30, 2014

Building houses is easy stuff. Nate Corry is a junior at Community High school who is part of the home building program, a program where high school students work together over a school year’s time....

CHS Sporks Take on a New Level

CHS Sporks Take on a New Level
Fernando Rojo, Editor in Chief March 18, 2014

Community High Spork Turns Ugly from Fernando Rojo on Vimeo. CHS seniors gave their insights and strategies on this year's Spork.

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