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CHS deans named MIPA Administrators of the Year

CHS deans, Marci Tuzinsky (front left) and Rebecca Westrate (front right) smile after staff members of The Communicator surprise them with their award announcement.
Ava Millman April 24, 2019

In what had the makings of a spectacular April Fool’s joke, on Monday April 1, 2019, Community High School’s (CHS) Dean Marci Tuzinsky and Assistant Dean Rebecca Westrate entered Tracy Anderson’s...

Food Gatherers and Multi Culti 2015

Mary Schlitt looks on at the crowd of Community students in St. Andrew's church on Tuesday.
Matthew Ferraro and Sophia Rosewarne November 25, 2015

Audio: Audio breakdown: 0:00 Presentation of forum fundraising efforts 9:21-10:18 Total amount raised announced 10:53-11:27...

New Modifications for CHS Sanitation

New Modifications for CHS Sanitation
Andreea Serban January 26, 2015

As Avery Pieronek, a senior at Community High School, walked along the halls in Community following Winter Break, she noticed the hand sanitizer dispensers along the side of the hall. She has not found...

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