Forum Council Meets to Discuss Goals for New Year


The council split into groups.

Every Thursday at lunch a few students from every forum get together to represent the student body through making decisions and thinking of ideas to better the school. Last week September 20, 2012 the photography room held this year’s second Forum Council meeting, and after spending the previous session electing a Council presidents, it was time to start planning out the goals of Forum Council for this year. The 20 some representatives split into groups and brainstormed on what they wanted to accomplish with forum council this year. Amongst the topics that were discussed were

  • Organizing fund raisers
  • Planting more trees on the back lawn
  • Keeping the school cleaner
  • Fixing the heating and cooling
  • Organizing spirit week
  • Arranging car wash
  • Putting a water bottle filler on the back lawn
  • Painting rooms
  • Making earth day really fun
  • Put together 3v3 basketball
  • Promoting better care for the back lawn.

    The council split into groups.

Though it seems like a lot of work, Forum Council is dedicated and determined to make a difference this year. Olaf Carlson said “There’s this sense that Forum Council doesn’t do anything.” but all of the representatives are all prepared and planning to work as hard as they need to to fairly represent and serve the student body.