News Summary for Wednesday, November 25th, 2015


Community students at St. Andrew’s


The New York Times

After the chilling terrorist attacks in Paris there have been reports of increased attacks against Muslims. This article from the New York Times specifically deals with New York City, and several hate crimes recently committed there.

The Guardian

From the Guardian, eight leading scientific organizations wrote a letter to the chairman of the House Committee on Science, Lamar Smith, reprimanding him for his committee’s inquiries into the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.


This year, 19 students have died from playing football in the U.S. according to the University of North Carolina. This NPR article details the persisting health problems related to high school football.

The Los Angeles Times

This Los Angeles Times article stresses the importance of a good stuffing for the Thanksgiving turkey. Check it out before tomorrow!


Michigan Radio

This discussion from Michigan Radio talks about stores and their reasoning for being open on Thanksgiving.