Community High Fashion: Isabel Ratner

Army Green Jacket: Found randomly in house $20-$30 (Substitute for an army green jacket at a place like H&M or Forever21)

Gray Sweater: Found randomly in house $3-$5 (Substitute for any gray sweater, thrift stores have endless options)

Blue Plaid Scarf: H&M $12-$15

Burgundy Pants: Urban Outfitters $40 (on sale)

Shoes: Doc Martens $100

Dark Blue Socks: Costco (Any dark sock will do)

“I like to look like decent for school because I think it like improves my mood. I like to feel confident in what I’m wearing because it usually makes me feel happier and my days better. I think that fashion is like a good way to express yourself for me, especially fall fashion. It makes me feel cozy and feeling bundled up. Sometimes if I am wearing something kinda slouchy or baggy sometimes I’ll feel those emotions of like sleepiness or laziness. If I feel like I’m wearing something cuter I’ll generally will feel more energetic and excited for the day.”