Sarah Hechler

“Yeah, I really loved theatre. That was so much of what my life revolved around in high school: being in plays, but also doing tech, behind the scenes. We had a tech theatre class in high school, so my arts credit, it was basically tech. I haven’t acted in a really long time, but I miss it. Before the pandemic hit I was considering auditioning for a Civic Theatre production, which is still something that’d be fun, it’s just hard when you work. It’s hard to find time for everything, but that is something I would love to do sometime.
“When you’re part of a play, whether you’re onstage or backstage, it’s like you’re a part of this collective experience, and inevitably you have like all these inside jokes that come out of doing that together. And that’s what’s super special, and then when it’s over, it’s kind of sad because you’re sort of saying goodbye to that kind of collective experience. But just for this little period of time, for the couple months that you’re working on the show, you’re really part of this thing all together and that’s magical.”