Rainy Day Fashion


Leila Bank didn’t realize until recently that she has always had an eye for fashion. She remembers watching videos and picking out different clothing pieces and accessories that she would like to have in her own closet.

“I never really realized I liked fashion,” Bank said. “I didn’t notice that until I started seeing little videos and I was like wow that person’s outfit is so cool.”

While taking inspiration from different sources, Bank is finding her own way of self-expression through the clothing items in her closet.

“I wear whatever makes me happy,” Bank said. “I try to not let other people’s opinions influence the clothes I wear. I feel my best when I’m wearing clothing that makes me happy.”

Image by Abbi Bachman

There are lots of different elements that go into picking out an outfit and weather is one of them. On a rainy day, Bank went for more vibrant clothing options to contrast with the gloomy, rainy day.

Bank’s rainy day outfit includes dark blue, high-waisted Old Navy jeans, which she bought online. She pairs her jeans with a yellow sweater from Ragstock that is decorated with little birds and berries. For shoes, Bank wears her green Doc Martens that she bought from Zappos. Banks’ favorite and final touch to her rainy day outfit is a sparkly silver belt, stolen from her sister’s closet.

“I think the outfit all together is just really vibrant and stands out against the gloomy weather,” Bank said. “I didn’t really realize until I went outside and saw how grey it was.”

Bank uses the rainy weather as an excuse to wear chunkier and cozier clothes, which is what made her pick out her yellow sweater and chunky Doc Martens. She knew that with the soggy weather, her usual sneakers would get completely soaked, but her Doc Martens would be able to stand the rain.

With Bank’s newfound love for fashion, she is ready to discover and grow her style. She mainly gets her inspiration from social media and other students’ outfits in school.

“I think that the next way I can grow my style is by expanding on whatever is going on around me,” Bank said. “I don’t know if I’ll ever want to pursue fashion as a career, but I do think it’s a good option to have.”