Wordle Comes to CHS

Wordle, an online word game, has taken CHS by storm. The game, originally made by Josh Wardle as a way to entertain his partner during the pandemic, has quickly become popular around the world.
Wordle is a fun, light-hearted word game that many students around the school have started playing. Harrison Brown, a CHS senior, started playing as a way to prove to his mom that he knew how to spell.
“I like Wordle,” Brown said. “It’s fun and it’s low-pressure. And I can add pressure to it to prove that my mom is wrong. Even though she says that I don’t know how to spell.”
You play by guessing five-letter words and have a total of six tries to get the daily word. After your first guess, the letters of the word become gray, yellow or green. If a letter becomes gray, that shows to you that that letter is not within the daily word. If a letter becomes yellow, that tells you that that letter is within the daily word but in the wrong spot. If a letter becomes green, that tells you that that letter is in the correct spot in the daily word.
Many people have started developing personal strategies to ensure that they are able to get the most out of their first word. Words like ‘STARE,’ ‘ADIEU,’ and ‘QUEST’ have become very common. These words provide a lot of information about which vowels may be included and is any common consonants are in the word.
“There’s only one level a day so there isn’t pressure to be the highest level because there’s only one,” said Talia Briske, another CHS senior. “I think it’s fun that there’s still some challenge in it though to get the least number of tries.”