How are Seniors Feeling: Elliot Davis


Seniors are entering the final quarter of their high school career. Senior Elliot Davis reflects on his time at Community and his future.

How are you feeling as a senior entering quarter four?

“I’m feeling confident because I’ve already gotten accepted into colleges that I would love to attend. But at the same time I’ve been filling up my schedule. And I’ve been kind of taking an easy semester with high school, and then focusing on sports and work and relationships with some friends that I definitely might not have in the future, which is a hard thing to look back on. But it’s important to me to kind of finish out the year with the people that I’ve spent all of highschool with.”

What are you looking forward to when the quarter comes to a close?

“I’m looking forward to having the freedom of going somewhere where I’m not always I guess looked after. But at the same time, I know that I’ll have to keep good control of myself. And I guess I’m moving on to the next stage, the next step.”

What do you think Community has prepared you well for?

“I think the aspect of freedom at Community prepared me very well for college. I think that the courses in college are definitely going to be a next step up. But they definitely have some fantastic courses here at Community; Some courses I’ve enjoyed and that have shown me what I want to do in my future.”