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Problems at The Neutral Zone

Problems at The Neutral Zone
Lucy Tobier 5 days ago

Disclaimer - The author is affiliated with The Neutral Zone through the Washtenaw County Youth Commission.  Last summer, a statement was released by teens at the Neutral Zone — a local nonprofit that...

Holding back the flood

The Argo Dam on June 7., nearly three weeks after the rainstorm that caused the poorly-maintained Edenville Dam near Midland, Mich. to fail.
Mori Ono June 12, 2020

When Brian Steglitz saw the video of the collapsing Edenville Dam in Midland, Mich. on May 19, it reminded him of the importance of maintaining dam infrastructure. “It's just amazing what the power...

Rising rates

Ann Arbor’s downtown area has seen 27 high-rise developments built in recent years. The need for more affordable housing hasn’t received as much attention as the more expensive high-rises that are being built. “Denser population is the way we are going in the future. Less transportation is necessary,” Coetzee said.
Josh Boland May 12, 2020

Ann Arbor’s busy downtown streets have seen several construction projects creating expensive high-rise housing options. This new and gentrified downtown skyline towers over many of the smaller, original...

Rifles and responsibilities: Gun ownership in Ann Arbor

Rifles and responsibilities: Gun ownership in Ann Arbor
Atticus Dewey January 8, 2020

We live in a country where guns permeate our news feeds daily. Story after story floods our phones regarding the newest mass shooting. In the first nine months of 2019, the number of mass shootings neared...

The “Great American Smokeout” at Huron High School

Health Sciences students stand at the tables preparing for the next group of their peers to come through. They took shifts between the two classes working at the different stations.
Anja Jacobson November 11, 2019

  Huron High School’s Health Sciences class hosted “The Great American Smokeout” on Nov. 8, 2019. Community High seniors Ruhi Khanna, Sarah Levin and Jenna Wright participated in teaching...

West Side Not Water Hill

West Side Not Water Hill
Tai Tworek February 8, 2019

David Malcolm noticed his neighborhood was changing. It was when he was standing at the bus stop on Brooks Street, carrying a duffle bag. Malcolm noticed a man kept eyeing him as he walked toward his...

Creating a Life Worth Living

Creating a Life Worth Living
Anja Jacobson January 17, 2019

Shortly before 2 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon, Erica Silverman* left school to go attend a consultation at the Ann Arbor DBT Center. She had been on the waiting list for quite a while and was finally contacted...

Life after Community: Risa Gotlib

Life after Community: Risa Gotlib
Sophia Rosewarne and Bella Yerkes October 22, 2018

When Risa Gotlib was 14 years old, she started practicing yoga at Ann Arbor School of Yoga and practicing with Laurie Blakely through the Community Resources Program at Community High School. She was simply...

Bird scooters swoop in unannounced

A bird scooter sits on an Ann Arbor sidewalk awaiting its next rider.
Ava Millman September 18, 2018

  Under a blanket of darkness on Thursday, Sept. 6, representatives from the Bird e-scooter sharing company descended upon the streets of Ann Arbor, strategically placing their electric vehicles on...

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