Coats of the Capital

While wandering around Washington D.C., we decided to photograph strangers who were dressed up in “coats” or suits and professional attire. Our intention was to try to capture a correlation between how the fashion (specifically “coats” or suits and professional attire) of different professions compare.  Pictures that don’t show a person’s face are intentional, due to the fact that some weren’t comfortable with completely revealing their identity; for the last picture, we were told that they could not give us their specific job title.

Seth Adam Meinero

Seth Adam Meinero: Attorney

Yuta, Bridget, Amelia and Jules (left to right)

Yuta, Bridget, Amelia and Jules: Federal Government Contractors


Michael: Lobbyist


Anonymous: Transportation Planner

Partap Verma

Partap Verma: Attorney


Shannon: Privacy Officer

Manzoor Shah

Manzoor Shah: IT Database Engineer

Richard G. Kidd

Richard G. Kidd: Senior Executive Federal Government


Anonymous: Director for African Affairs (International Policy)

Susan Kelly

Susan Kelly: President of Microsearch Cooperation


Justin: Administrative Specialist for the Senate Sargent at Arms

Dan Golden

Dan Golden: Lawyer with the DC Council

Mike Crittenden

Mike Crittenden: Congressional Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal

W. Douglas Tynan

W. Douglas Tynan: Director of Integrated Health Care

Bob Greene

Bob Greene: Lawyer

Mark Berman

Mark Berman: Lawyer

Duke McLarty

Duke McLarty: Attorney for the Federal Housing Administration

Shavonda Allen and Teri Ryan (left to right)

Shavonda Allen and Teri Ryan: IT Project Managers


Julie: Executive at AARP

Jenny Merzlock

Jenny Merzlock: Graduate Student and Research Project Coordinator


Leana: Operations Assistant at Maritime Logistics

Brian C. Hellman

Brian C. Heilman: Investment Manager

Rich Daly

Rich Daly: Sales Manager for a Software Development Firm

Nick Catania

Nick Catania: Investment Advisor

Eduardo Estrada

Eduardo Estrada: Extended Term Consultant, World Bank

Group Visiting from China

Group Visiting from China: Statistics


Anonymous: Human Resources Specialists

All photos by Anurima Kumar.

Additional reporting by Elonah Kirk.