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Creating her style

Creating her style
Abbi Bachman November 20, 2020
Poppy Magee is a freshman at CHS. Magee likes experimenting with fashion and matching her clothing to the seasons.

Women in Jazz: Sophia Svinicki

Photography by Geneve Thomas-Palmer
Ria Lowenschuss November 19, 2020

Trigger warning: this story contains descriptions of eating disorders. Growing up, Sophia Svinicki thought she knew what a musician looked like. Musicians were skinny, muscular, confident. They knew...


Cate Weiser November 19, 2020
COVID-19 has ripped many experiences from high schoolers: graduation, in-person classes, lunch with friends. School closures have put a stop to almost all high school traditions, including homecoming.

Unselfie: Shannon Kahan

I'm always looking at the window, so I thought it would be interesting to see what the window sees. I decided to crochet in the picture because it's something I've been doing a lot lately. I decided not to clean my desk because I liked the natural, candid vibe.
Shannon Kahan November 18, 2020

Finding the Balance

Finding the Balance
Ailish Kilbride November 17, 2020

Unbearable, stressful and unbalanced are three of the most common words used to describe Wednesdays, the asynchronous day, at CHS. Staff and students feel overwhelmed with assignments and for most, Wednesdays...

Staying Healthy in Quarantine

Staying Healthy in Quarantine
Levi Straszewski November 17, 2020

Rebecca Brent is a health teacher and forum leader at CHS. She has a degree in School Health Education that she obtained from Western Michigan University. Brent is in her 20 year of teaching, although...

Unselfie: Lewis Perry

Taking in the essence of Autumn would be my title for this photo. Autumn is my favorite season and I do my best to spend as much time as I can outside to take in the colors and cool weather before winter comes around. Also, the greenery looks so special during autumn and it almost feels as if the world has changed colors, which is another reason I enjoy the season so much.
Lewis Perry November 16, 2020

Women in Jazz: Grace Wang

Women in Jazz: Grace Wang
Geneve Thomas-Palmer November 16, 2020

Every summer, Grace Wang and her family would drive down to Maryland: eight hours spent watching trees flit by off of the side of the highway, music flowing through her ears. Wang’s dad was always in...

Unselfie: Mira Schwarz

Quarantine Stair Case Adventures
Mira Schwarz November 14, 2020

Unselfie: Delia Binetti

The words that usually spill from someone's mouth when they first meet me relates to my height. It has always been my introduction. I used to hate it, it seemed useless and unordinary. But I have learned to love it. Here I am pictured from inside a doll house. Just a friendly giant wanting to look in:)
Delia Binetti November 12, 2020

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