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Neda Ulaby Speaks

Neda Ulaby Speaks
Nadeem Persico-Shammas December 15, 2009

[quicktime][/quicktime] Recently, CHS was visited by one of our most well-known graduates. Neda Ulaby graduated in 1989 and...

The Wall

The Wall
Julia Raymond December 15, 2009

Over the years, decorating the wall above the first floor ledge in Community High School has become a tradition. "The wall has always been a big part of Community," says junior Tenzin Tsundu. It is maintained...

Ballroom Dance at CHS

Gillian Teall and Sarah Kerson December 14, 2009

The ballroom dance class at Community teaches students all different kinds of dances, like the tango and the swing. Students can take the CR, which meets during seventh block, for P.E. or art credit. [qt:...

Pledging to Protect

The pledge asks for a name, email and zip code.
Sarah Kerson December 9, 2009

Ann Arbor’s chapter of STAND, the Student-Led Division of the Anti-Genocide Coalition, works to raise funds and awareness for the conflict in Darfur and other humanitarian crises around the world. This...

Food Gatherer Lecture

Mary informs the students of Food Gatherers's mission and function.
Thea Yagerlener December 8, 2009

Around the World in One Day

Around the World in One Day
Hannah Degutis November 24, 2009

“Multi-Culti” or “Feast” as it is known, is a multi-cultural fair specific to Community High School. It’s a celebration of different cultures around the globe that entails every forum to assume...

Halloween Costume Contest ’09

Students dressed as unicorns win best group.
Julia Raymond, Poom Boonsin November 10, 2009

Seven Kens, four unicorns, one Judith and Samuel L. Jackson all packed in Craft Theater. Sounds like a dream? You bet! It’s the Kulka Forum Halloween Costume Contest! Students and staff headed...

CET is Working

Mari Cohen and Rosie Sullivan exit the stage
Thea Yagerlener November 10, 2009

“There is no plot,” Jack Kausch, an actor in Community Ensemble Theater (CET), says of their upcoming production, "Working." This can’t be right, a musical without a plot? "Working" is...

History Behind the QSA

History Behind the QSA
Rose Lee November 6, 2009

Some parents share a common misconception that the Gay Straight Alliance (also known as the Queer Straight Alliance) is used as a ‘dating network’ at school. The truth is the Gay Straight Alliance...

Alternative School, Alternative Dance

Vampire and Ninja text the DJ with a song they want to hear.
Melanie Langa Shadi Ahmadmehrabi November 5, 2009

It's late on a Friday night. Music is thumping, lights are flashing and a swarm of teenagers are jumping to the sound of Cascada. Seems like a typical high school dance, right? Not so. The dancers include...

Jazzin’ Things Up

Jazzin' Things Up
Hind Omar, Drake Johnson November 5, 2009

[qt:/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/ 320 240] Our award winning jazz band started the year off strong by diligently practicing and working on new pieces. This day was strange for them...

Is taking non-prescribed drugs on standardized tests right?

Communicator Staff October 30, 2009

T here are only ten minutes left in the test . The clock is ticking and a student gets distracted, thinking more about the sound than the problem. Another person stays focused because they took their friend’s...

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