The Communicator

Living with ALS

Eli Sugerman

November 11, 2011

It’s odd to be in a waiting room, waiting for test results, [whereas] most people don’t want to hear that they have a brain tumor, the ALS patient actually [wants] that to be the case. It just puts it in perspective,” said...

The International Option

Lynus Zullo

November 9, 2011

Community students take many different roads after high school.  Some take a year off to travel the world. Others join the military or attend Michigan or other U.S. colleges and universities.  Some students though, decide to...

Former White House Staffer on the Economy

Melanie Langa

November 9, 2011

Even as new reports show the unemployment rate fell 0.1 percent to 9 percent in October, economic growth, or the lack thereof, is at the forefront of the frustration with the political establishment.  Jobs and the economy were...

Student Teacher Deanna Willis Enjoys her First Months At Community

Deanna Willis in Ken McGraw's room after their World Lit class.

Sam Sorscher and Helen Januszewski

October 31, 2011

Toni Jarvis: Seventy Three Years Of The Accordio

Eva Hattie L. Schueler

October 10, 2011

Toni Vetter-Jarvis has been playing the accordion for the ethnic German dancers (schuhplattlerers) of German Park since she was fifteen years old. Now, at eighty-eight, she is still going strong, playing for every dance practice...