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Picture This: Scarlett London

Picture This: Scarlett London
Arista Luong 5 days ago

"This is a picture of the 'end of camp performance' last summer at Interlochen, which is in northern Michigan. It was a piece with six other dancers and we were all at different levels, from beginning...

Staying healthy: Mia Monk

Staying healthy: Mia Monk
Arista Luong and Eleanor Niman November 5, 2020

At the beginning of quarantine, CHS senior Mia Monk noticed that her mental health was declining. She would go to bed only to realize that the only thing she had accomplished that day was finishing yet...

In action

In action
Scarlett London and Arista Luong March 12, 2020

When young Naina Agrawal-Hardin realized there was no recycling bin at Starbucks, she took matters into her own hands. Armed with a cardboard box, she tirelessly stood outside the door, asking customers...

Hallway of terror

Sarah Tice, holding her two most important things: her puppy and her spork.
Arista Luong February 24, 2020

It was a gloomy winter day, and as the spork game became more intense, Sarah Tice was glad to be in Steve’s spork-free classroom. Suddenly, a screeching bell broke the tranquillity of art class, and...

CET takes on ‘The Tempest’

Judith DeWoskin and Isabel Perry rehearse a scene for CET's winter play,
Scarlett London and Arista Luong February 12, 2020

After learning of CET’s winter show, Loey Jones-Perpich was skeptical.  “When he announced the season I was like ‘what?,’” Jones-Perpich said. “I didn't really see a purpose in it. I thought,...

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