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Nicklas Lidstrom Jersey Retirement

Joe Riesterer March 7, 2014

On the evening of March 6 in Detroit, the Detroit Red Wings retired former captain Nicklas Lidstrom’s jersey. Lidstrom, now 43, played with the Red Wings for all of his twenty seasons, captaining the...

Tigers Clinch, But the Crowd Does Not Roar

Tigers Clinch, But the Crowd Does Not Roar
Kevin Turnbull, Sports September 26, 2013

Last night, the Detroit Tigers beat the Twins 1-0. Normally this is not that big of a deal, but last night was special. The Tigers won their division and are guaranteed a spot in the 2013 playoffs, as...

Red Wings Thrash Bruins

Red Wings Thrash Bruins
Jack Kozicz and Kevin Turnbull September 20, 2013

Last night, the Detroit Red Wings played their third preseason game against their new division foes, the Boston Bruins, thanks to the new Conference realignment. Since the 1974 realignment the Red Wings...

Everyday Inspiration

Two ballerinas dance at the Creston Sit-n-Spin Laundry in Grand Rapids, MI.
Maggie Sowder May 21, 2012

Decaying houses. Abandoned factories. Broken cars. Lights. People. Images of Detroit tend to focus more on the sad and once-beautiful (but no longer) parts of Detroit. Artists of all kinds are known...

Sports In Ann Arbor: October

Sports In Ann Arbor: October
Danny Langa and Fernando Rojo October 28, 2011

  Sportsa2ED2 Sports in Ann Arbor is a monthly podcast by Danny Langa and Fernando Rojo. The podcast mainly discusses prep sports in Ann Arbor, focusing on Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline High...

Sports Talk: Detroit Lions

Sports Talk: Detroit Lions
Danny Langa October 14, 2011

It’s something that Detroit Lions fans have been waiting for, for what seems like an eternity. The Lions have a winning record. Not only do they have a winning record, they are undefeated. The Lions...

Life Quotes

James and LaShanna, cousins and students at Detroit charter schools.
Eva Hattie L. Schueler November 5, 2010

James has his reasons for not wanting a girlfriend in high school. “You know, ya'll don't have time for relationships in high school. Really. You don't. I understand at your age, you're curious about...

Less Than An Hour Away

Eva Hattie L. Schueler May 18, 2010

I have lived in Ann Arbor my entire life; which means my entire life, I have lived less than an hour away from Detroit. I've never really thought about this before. I mean, sure, I've driven through Detroit...

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