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Sports in Ann Arbor

Sports in Ann Arbor

February 9, 2011

Michigan Soccer

Michigan Soccer

December 7, 2010

Spencer Vs. Emily DiGiovanni

Spencer shows off his soccer skills. Unfortunately, they didn't transfer to the pool.

Spencer MacDonald

November 12, 2010

CHS Athlete Profile: Emma Weichmann

Emma Weichmann plays water polo and swims for Pioneer.

Jesse Buchsbaum

November 11, 2010

Sports in Ann Arbor: Rivalry Week

Jesse Buchsbaum and Garrett Wood

October 15, 2010

Sports Podcast Sports in Ann Arbor is a monthly podcast by Jesse Buchsbaum and Garrett Wood. The podcast mainly discusses prep sports in Ann Arbor, focusing on Huron, Pioneer, and Skyline High School. Tune in every month to he...


Garrett Wood

May 14, 2010

Community High Athletic Tribe, abbreviated as C.H.A.T., was created this past fall by Community High School’s personal fitness coach and athletic guru Robbie Stapleton.  Robbie created C.H.A.T. for any Community High studen...